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Passionate programmer and avid learner. Completed an internship in the Computing Science department of the University of Alberta in 2015 under Dr Hindle (reference letter available.) Worked as part of a small team to quickly develop and troubleshoot a piece of software.

Professional Capabilities:


- Git
- GNU/Linux
- Arduino
Competent in French


- Python
- JavaScript

Recent Projects:

IntFicPy: Engine for building interactive fiction with Python – December 2018 to Present
[Project Page]
- wrote a parser that can interpret the kind of English statements typically permissible as text adventure commands (for instance “go north” or “set cup on table”)
- created a system of classes for verbs and various types of items that can be used by the developer to create their story
- built a GUI with PyQt5
- First release planned for fall

Django blogging system – January 2018
- created a simple blogging system with Django as a learning project
- implemented support for multiple authors on the same blog - implemented an authentication system

Child of Earth (JavaScript/PHP game) - October to November 2018
- built an online game supporting a complex network of player choices, primarily in JavaScript
- laid the groundwork for a PHP save/load system

Work Experience:

Student Researcher - July to August 2015
University of Alberta Computing Science Department, Edmonton, AB - using reference materials provided, and with help from other team members, learned Python, SuperCollider, and Arduino C
- worked in a collaborative setting
- often used pair programming
- used Git for version control
- designed an Arduino-based device and a piece of software as part of a small, tight team
- used iterative development
- debugged
- presented results at a conference